Recap: "Bad Girls Club" Episode 2

Quick question: who else was excited to see Julie get her a** WHOOPED last night?! Ugh! Christine has been my favorite since the girl has came up on my screen but the fact that she took down the second biggest sh*t talker on the show (Mehgan is still number one!)… marry me?

The show begins where the last one ended with the Rima and Mehgan’s fight over Mehgan calling Rima dirty. Mehgan may be really annoying with all her prissiness but the girl can scrap… I won’t deny that! Once the fight is over, the two girls get into a yelling match where Erika steps in to defend Rima and Mehgan does the lethal mistake of putting her hands in Erika’s face. Mehgan suddenly tones it down once she hears Erika’s bark. This happens alot: no one wants to mess with Erika. I wouldn’t either.

The girls have split up into two groups at this point in the season: the “Classy” girls which are Mehgan, Julie, and Julie’s puppy Falen and the “Not-So-Classy” girls which are Erika, Christine, Ashley, and Rima. I honestly think that the only thing that separates the two groups is whether or not they are in denial about their basic-ness. The girls are out and about in the club where the classy girls decide to spend their night concerned with what the not-so-classy girls are doing. Who does that?: Goes to clubs just to hate on what someone else is doing. I will agree with the classy girls on one thing: I am crazy and get pretty loose in the clubs but to pull down my panties every time I go out… No! Rima should really be concerned with how she makes herself look on television, not for herself, but for her son. I am not really the one to judge anybody but I’m going to really need Rima to get it together. NObody wants to see that! (Side note: am I the only one who thought that Rima was pregnant when she was on the beach?)

Anyways, some of the girls go out clubbing [again] the next night and Erika and Rima stay back leaving Christine to party alone (Ashley parties in her own lalaland). After a night of the usual drunkenness and debauchery, the girls ride home in the limo where Julie takes it upon her self to talk smack about Christine to her face [while she was passed out]. Little does she know that Christine was not sleeping. Christine hops up and asks Julie what was she saying and, of course like the punk that she is, Julie says nothing. Typical.

Upon arriving back at the mansion, Mehgan finds her picture covered with Erika’s and Rima’s commentary about Mehgan. Mehgan confronts both Erika and Rima but it is Rima who decides since she is finished with her drink, she might as well pour it on Mehgan. A fight ensues and I think: aren’t these two tired of fighting each other already? This question is answered when Mehgan stops fighting and goes after Rima’s clothes and throws them in the pool. #PAUSE! Wasn’t it Mehgan who stated that they can fight all day but just don’t touch anybody’s things. #PAB (Punk A** B*TCH) as Erika would say. Rima hopped up and responded by throwing Mehgan’s things in the pool too AND ripping some clothes.

All this fighting gets Christine revved up and Christine confronts Julie about her mouth. The girls come to blows and Julie’s weave gets snatched out and burned by Christine. It clearly didn’t cost that much because a girl would fight over some good weave. Plus, it looked like some of those hairpieces they sell at Claire’s. After being pulled off of each other, Julie gets pissed when Christine calls Julie a “fat friend” and Julie dives in for part 2 of her own a**-whooping. Poor Julie: girl didn’t you learn from the first night that Christine is not the one to mess with. You could’ve saved your face [literally] if you just kept your mouth shut!

Seems as though next week we will be seeing some more of Julie vs. Christine and hopefully Erika goes in on somebody because I want to see her box. What did you guys think of last night’s episode?

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