Recap: "Mob Wives Chicago" Episode 6

TAKE NOTES “HOLLYWOOD EXES”! This is how a show about middle-aged women should go. THIS was a show! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. The focus of this show was on Christine’s “Coming Out” Party in celebration of… Actually, I don’t know what she was celebrating. Is she a lesbian now? Anyways, Christine’s coming out party had the girls anxious about what drama would go down because of all the beefs between the girls. Here’s a hint girls: check out what happened last year at Renee’s (the original Mob Wife’s) coming out party?

Before I begin, the most logical character in this entire show was Leah. We all know how I feel about Leah, so to say she was the logical character… I’ll get to why in a second. Nora pays Christine a visit days before her party where Christine reveals a dress that she was designing for Renee. It looked horrible to say the least. Nora reassures Christine that she will not be starting any fights with anyone at her party which is very commendable and I will admit, she held her word. Meanwhile, Renee confides in her boyfriend with what is going on in her life and, like always, her boyfriend is emotionless and couldn’t care less. That relationship is as dysfunctional as it comes: he’s a p*ssy for speaking to a woman the way that he did and she is stupid for being with a guy who could careless about her.

The show pans between Renee’s clique, Nora’s clique, and Pia’s clique in the events leading up to the event. On to the MAIN EVENT: Nora is the first to arrive at Christine’s party with her +1 and Pia and her +1 arrive shortly after. If you don’t remember, Nora and Pia are at odds after Nora calls Pia a “whore” because of the ‘alleged’ sexual activities she would partake in at the club strips at. (Side Note: Nora also stripped at the same club but pathetically got fired. As Pia’s friend stated: “Who the f*ck gets fired at a strip club?”) Nora plays it cool and is the first to approach Pia and acts as if nothing is wrong between them, referring to their relationship as a “love/hate” type of ordeal. Pia is still uneasy but keeps calm.

Nora, all of a sudden, gets up and announces that she has come down with food poisoning and must leave immediately. It was a lie: No puking, no crapping. As she gathers her things to leave, Nora turns to Christine and asks where Renee was. Nora was CLEARLY in the mood for another a**-whooping after the last one Renee gave her because there is no other reason she would be asking for Renee. As she is leaving, Renee is coming up the stairs but Nora is able to escape in a cab. Christine proves that she was secretly planning a boxing match when she demands that Nora comes back to the party. This angers Leah and Leah is trying to figure out why Christine would call Nora back; she was able to see all her friends and avoid a fight! While Nora is gone, however, Renee and Pia manage to hash things out between them right before Nora comes back. Renee is the first to confront Nora when she comes back and Pia jumps in to help and throws the first punch when Nora calls her a whore [again]. Christine continues to instigate the situation by telling Nora she needs to hit Pia back! The girls (Pia and Renee) take turns slapping Nora up a bit until Nora hits Renee below the belt and yells to her that her father used to rape her every single night. Pia fell back as Renee charged at Nora and begins to pummel her and then… *Next Week On “Mob Wives Chicago”*.

Whew! Am I the only one who enjoyed watching Nora get her a** handed to her? She calls her friend Pia a whore and tells her other friend Renee she hopes she gets her daughter taken away!… Who says that? Every card Nora gets dealt, she deserves if you ask me. Christine is working on being my least favorite with all that instigating she was doing. All this could have been avoided if she let Nora go… but noooooo… Christine arranged a cage fight and goodness, she was going to get it! Leah was asking all the questions I was and was just as baffled with Christine’s instigating as I was. Whatever the case, I will be right here next Sunday to see a replay of the fight and its aftermath.


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