Are All Tyler Perry Movies the Same?

My answer: NO. However, if you ask me if Madea’s movies are all the same, my answer may change… it may not. What I am getting at is that Tyler Perry’s movies are usually exceptional when the main character is NOT Madea. Don’t get me wrong; I am definitely a Tyler Perry fan and have watched a good amount of his movies, which is why I have noticed this trend. Tyler Perry first came to our attention with his movie Diary of a Mad Black Woman. This movie was very successful and had an amazing, relatable plot; Even if you  were never thrown out of your house by your man, you’ve been heart-broken and wanted some revenge. Tyler Perry did a GREAT job throwing Madea into the mix which added the anecdote to such a serious plot.  Also, it got us all in-touch with our inner “Oh HELL NO!,” which is why we loved her. But her time in front of the screen during this movie was limited… a good amount to make us love her… but limited. Other movies [that I’ve watched] that I think have been successful due to Madea’s small or non-existent role are: Family Reunion, Daddy’s Little Girls, Why Did I Get Married?, Why Did I Get Married, Too?, I Can Do Bad All By My Self, The Family That Preys, and For Colored Girls. 

It’s very clear that Tyler Perry has an undeniable eye for spotting talent (except I have no idea what drove him to cast Kim Kardashian on his next project, The Marriage Counselor, to be released in 2013). That being said, I am not sure what exactly happened in the casting of Madea’s Witness Protection. I found the mix of characters a bit awkward and it didn’t really fit well together on the screen.

The movie focuses on Madea (foul #1) and the family she agrees to bring into her home as apart of a witness protection program. This insanely unrealitstic plot (foul #2) did manage to pull some laughter out of me, I won’t lie, but failed to be able to hold my attention very much. I found myself in the theaters waiting for the next joke more than following the plot. I mean, once I realized that the plot is something that would never happen, it was hard to follow. But I still did. With risk of spoiling your hopes of seeing the movie: in my opinion, it was a flop. Tyler Perry has so much potential and talent that I have seen in other movies he’s written, produced, directed or acted in, that this movie fell VERY short of impressing me.

I can only handle the Madea character a short amount of time per movie and that was confirmed with Tyler Perry’s recent release. So, to answer the previous question: Are all Tyler Perry movies the same? No, if it doesn’t include Madea too much, yes if it does. Madea’s character is too much to have the lead role and is better if she serves as the anecdote. Tyler Perry has a HIGH amount of haters on his tail for many reasons but what everyone is not realizing is that Tyler Perry makes movies about subjects and situations that are prominent in the black community. If it wasn’t for Tyler Perry, most black actors wouldn’t have a job except for the HORRIBLE, straight-to-television movies we see on BET. I have my personal opinions about Tyler Perry’s work but, no matter what, I respect Tyler Perry a great deal and will always be a fan!


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