Recap: "Hollywood Exes" Episode 4

Well, not much has happened in this episode except I have come to the conclusion that I am watching 5 lost souls that talk in circles and whose actions couldn’t be more aimless. I tried my hardest to stay awake during this episode but it seemed that every time I did tune in, the women were talking about the SAME thing! I mean the women haven’t progressed much from the premiere episode: Mayte still can’t find a man, Andrea’s looking for her spot to dance, Sheree is praying, Jessica is fighting with Jose, and Nicole is… talking.

Well, there were some [few] highlights to mention that occurred this episode. The women take a trip to Napa Valley for some wine tasting which is the location for the entire episode (how fun). All of the ladies are wooed by the host of the winery: a balding, middle-aged, frenchmen. Andrea, being the character that she is, deemed the host a T.O.D. and as she said “…if you who don’t know what a T.O.D is, he’ll Talkya Outya Drawers.” Every time I tune out or start to snooze, Andrea’s anecdotes wake me up!

It wouldn’t be a VH1 show if there wasn’t some conflict. A [minor] argument at the dinner table ensues between the show’s sinner and saint, Jessica and Sheree respectively, after Jessica mentions a word that was censored by VH1. I know you guys are trying to figure out what was Jessica Canseco’s censored word… well it was “squirting.” As a semi-family-friendly website, I am not going to go into the details of what this is but instead let you figure that out on your own. Sheree, obviously, gets offended and tells Jessica that no man would find that attractive and Jessica takes the bait and answers back “you are married to a Preacher!” The rest of the girls laugh off the matter but it is very noticeable that the Sheree and Jessica are annoyed with one another which [hopefully] means a bigger blow out!

VH1 really needs to bring the heat in this show because I am getting bored with it. How could VH1 have such a gem (“Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta”) and a disaster (“Single Ladies” season 2) on one network? No one knows. But the amount of entertainment I get from “Hollywood Exes” is more similar to “Single Ladies” than LHHATL.

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