Some FAQs about "Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta"

Viewers of this famed show have been going crazy on the internet looking for answers to questions about the 6 female stars of “Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta”. As a fiend for this show, I have decided to take some time and take a whack at answering some of these questions for my readers!

What label was K. Michelle signed to? 

Jive Records

Who was K. Michelle’s ex? 

K. Michelle ex is Memphitz who is currently married to Toya Carter, ex-wife of Lil Wayne. K. Michelle makes reference to an ex who spent all of her money she earned and physically abused her. Memphitz has been aggressively refuting these claims and K. Michelle was ordered to not mention his name during taping of LHHATL.

How old is Karlie Redd? 

Boy was this a toughie. You can search high and low on the internet for Karlie Redd’s age and you will not find it. But with some EXTENSIVE research, math and deductive reasoning, I can conclude that Karlie Redd is approximately 33 years old. How did I conclude this? Many of you guys may not have known this but Karlie Redd was on another show prior to this 4 years ago, “Scream Queens 2”. The show reported that Karlie was 29. Being that the show premiere in 2008, the math was simple: 29 (in 2008) + 4 (years later in 2012)= 33. 

Is Joseline a man? 

I honestly cannot answer this question and it’s answer is still being debated but Joseline has released a sex tape that is available on that can allow you to come to your own conclusion. (Tip: search “Joseline Hernandez”).

Where can we hear Joseline’s new music? 

You guys know I’m always looking out for my readers, so you can hear her music right here: 
I am warning you now… Don’t come back here with any complaints! It’s not my song! 

Was Mimi Faust ever married to Stevie J? 

No. Stevie J never did put a ring on it. Call him what you want, but he is a smart man because Mimi would be able to drain him dry (and his account) during the divorce after the creeping he has been doing.

Does Karlie Redd Have Butt Implants? What about Joseline? 

I heard about an interview that Karlie Redd had where she states that her butt is real, all natural. PFTTT. Tell Karlie Redd that I SAID her genetics need a refill! Joceline. Come on guys, do you guys really need me to answer that? Don’t you think her pimp Stevie J. would have gotten her some a** shots? 

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