Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis to Miami Heat!

It’s been a GREAT year for Miami heat fans! First the championship, now this! Of course, the above picture is not real; Ray Allen hasn’t touched the court as an official member of the heat and Ray Allen’s number on the team is #34 (#20 was his number on the Celtics). This picture was tweeted last week by King James to give the world a preview of Ray Allen’s big move.

Miami Heat and its fans has welcomed Ray Allen since the beginning of the rumors of him coming. Rumors didn’t last long though; Ray Allen made it clear that he would be signing with the Heat well before making the big move. Many have been speculating why exactly did Ray Allen come to Miami and attributed it to the disrespect he has been receiving from Celtics coach and owner; some even attribute Allen’s move to the growing hostility between Allen and Rondo. Truth is: who cares?! He’s on my home team!

Rashard Lewis (#9) has also decided to take his talents to South Beach coming from the New Orleans Hornets. I am especially excited for the arrival of these top players. There are only 5 players on the court at one time: Can you imagine Bosh, Lebron, Wade, Allen, and Lewis on the court all at the same time?! The NBA would never allow it because it would be just so unfair! Either way, welcome home boys! Great to have you join us in our championship ring collecting spree!


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