Recap: "Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta" Episode 4

Just when I thought the “Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta” couldn’t get any better… This episode premiered. I’m trying not to die of excitement before I finish this post for you guys. Before I continue, I noticed this all episode and I know you guys noticed too… Everybody’s hair was ON POINT in this episode. Enough lollygagging.

Mimi comes to the conclusion [finally] that she needs to move on from Stevie J while talking to her girls Ariane and K. Michelle. As much as I call Mimi stupid for dealing with him, she had me ready to cry because all women can sympathize with a woman scorned and being so far in love that you are blinded. Scrappy becomes the dominate figure in this episode but not exactly for the right reasons. He introduces his “best friend”, AKA f*ck buddy, Shay “Buckeey” Johnson from Flavor Of Love…you know… the girl who wasn’t even good enough for FLAVOR FLAV.

Scrappy contemplates leaving Erica and confides in his best friend Shay for some advice. All the while, Scrappy is rocking a sly smirk and goes on about how fine Shay is. My thoughts: N*gga WHAT?! Did you see who you’re baby momma is and have you seen Shay? Talk about leaving an 80 for a 20 (Tyler Perry movie reference). Anyways, I can go on about my disdain for Shay or Scrappy’s RIDICULOUS comparison of two women who are NOT on the same level.

It is also revealed that Joseline got an abortion for the baby she was carrying for Stevie J (or as Joseline calls him, Stebie). Something that may have been overlooked is the fact that Joseline said that Stebie DROPPED HER OFF at the abortion clinic. ONLY H*ES GET DROPPED OFF AT CLINICS! Now that Mimi has cut Stevie out, he has no choice but to try to reconcile with Joseline who, of course, lets him back in.

Last episode, Stevie J manages to call Erica [Scrappy’s baby momma] a “b*tch” and Scrappy addresses that this episode. Waiting outside his studio, Scrappy and Erica confronts Stevie and Joseline. YES. Scrappy vs. Stevie and Joseline vs. Erica. I know what you are thinking… what does Joseline have to do with anything? That was the same thing that Erica was trying to figure out when Joseline kept speaking on Stevie J’s behalf and even ACCUSES Erica of sleeping with Stevie J (now referred to as “my man” by Joseline). Fists are thrown and hell breaks out. It went so fast that I couldn’t even deem a winner for you readers… but by the way the episode ended, I can tell this is not the end of it! I’ll be right here for next week’s episode!

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  1. I was #TeamScrappy until I realized that he was beginning to be as messy as Stevie J!¡ your reference to the 80/20 rule Is so on point! Great review!

  2. Me too! As soon as he started to talk about Shay like she was better than Erica… I was like he needs to exit stage left right with Stevie J! Thanks so much for the feedback! 😀

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