Recap: "Bad Girls Club" Episode 1

“Bad Girls Club” Season 9 premiered and it is exactly what I expected to be… a MESS! As an avid fan of this series, I have watched it deteriorate from a show about BADD girls to a show about HOT messes. That being said… I could not turn away. This show must have a bunch of subliminal messages or black magic that keeps me ADDICTED!

Casting for this show must have been searching for THIRSTY girls because that’s what they got but there are some exceptions. To begin with the thirstiness, MEHGAN! This girl has fake written all over her! She stomped into the house claiming to be the hottest girl in the house and this is definitely not the case. All she managed to do the whole episode was talk sh*t about the other girls, especially Erika, but as soon as she was in their face, she was easy like sunday morning. FAKE. Mehgan buddied up with Rima, who also has a good amount of thirst in her. She’s a very pretty girl, and seems pretty fun but I couldn’t take my eyes off of her HORRIBLE WEAVE! Somebody get Amy from last season to show this girl how to rock a white girl weave! I mean the girl was wearing a 1 and her hair was a 2 (only weave-wearers will know what I am talking about). I did think she was pretty cool for being the only girl to help Erika to the car and to the house when she was drunk! Falen is definitely one of the lamest girls on the show. I was defnitely expecting more from her but she was such a follower to Julie!

Now for the girls that made a great impression. I have really taken a liking to Ashley. She is the ditzy, free-spirit in the house and, besides all the falling she was doing, there was nothing she did wrong! Erika (aka Lucci Vee) was probably one of the realest girls in the house and seemed to have a likable personality but, like she said, I wouldn’t want to see her get mad because she looks like she can handle things! Christina was probably my favorite this show because of the fact that she tried to be as personable to everyone as possible; even when Julie got slick and asked her “why are you laughing?”, she kept her cool. But things did go to the left [as always].

BGC wouldn’t be BGC if there wasn’t a fight to bring in the new season! Julie, being the hater that she is, had it out for Christina since Christina first walked into the house. For absolutely no reason! Outside of the club, Julie talks sh*t about Christina to Falen and Mehgan and of course, as natural-born followers, they hype her up. Christina comes outside to join the girls where Julie confronts Christina about being fake. Oh, the irony. Christina challenges Julie to put her money where her mouth is and Julie passes. She didn’t want it from “The Sultry Spitfire”. None of the girls expected that from Christina and was surprised when the beast came out.

Oh, but there’s more! Another fight breaks out the following morning when Mehgan lets her sh*t-talking actually hit the ears of who she was talking about. Mehgan confronts Rima about not showering after the night at the club. Before I continue, my question is: how was that any of her business? The girl doesn’t want to take a shower, leave her dirty behind alone! Mehgan continues to talk about Rima not showering to Falen and Julie, but its Erika who plays the instigator here and reports all that Mehgan says about Rima back to Rima. Rima confronts Mehgan about all the gum flapping she was doing and once Mehgan puts her hands up, Rima takes it down. Just as the fighting gets good, the episode ends. Oh Oxygen, how you tease me!

Rumor has it that Christina gets jumped by the rest of the girls in the house at a club next episode, so I’ll be tuned in next episode to see if this is true!

What did you guys think about the season 9 premiere of BGC? Comment below! 


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