Recap: "Mob Wives Chicago" Episode 5

Oh Nora. Ya know, I really couldn’t put my finger on what exactly it was about Nora that annoyed me but I discovered in this episode what it was. SHE’S A B*TCH! I’ll get to that in a minute. Christine sees her therapist and reveals that the neighbor’s kid told her daughter about Christine’s divorce with her husband. I have no sympathy for Christine at this point; she has been divorced for a year… her kids would have found out eventually. It is really her own fault that her daughter found out from someone else about her divorce.

Leah reveals this episode that her mother has cancer and my heart does go out to her and her family. The fact that the show just glazed over this really irked me and I do wish that they spent some more time on this; I wish I had more on this to share with you guys, but I don’t. Also, Renee tells Giana (her daughter) that if Giana wants to go down to the prison to see her father, she will accompany her. This confuses Giana (and myself) because all Renee has done this entire season was bad-mouth Giana’s father. I wonder why she all of a sudden wants to see her ex-husband… could it be to show off that she has a new show? Or maybe because she’s still in love with her ex?

Feuds from the last episode spills over into this episode when Nora has a [childish] birthday party and doesn’t invite Renee. I mean, I do understand because Renee did body slam Nora to the ground but judging by the WACK party Nora had, Renee wasn’t missing much. Lots of bad mouthing between the two occurred but it wasn’t until the end of the episode where Nora’s bad mouthing about Renee was called out along with Renee’s hypocrisy by Pia…

While talking her sh*t about Renee, Nora lets Pia know that Renee isn’t fond of Pia because Pia is a stripper. This sets Pia off and immediately calls out Renee for being a hypocrite because Renee has had stripper friends in the past. Namely, Nora. Yup, Pia reveals that Nora was a stripper for three months at the same club Pia is a stripper at now. I know what you are thinking and if you need a minute to regurgitate, I understand. I could imagine she was only a stripper there for three months because the customers started to complain at the sight. I digress. This brings on a blow-for-blow name-calling session between the two in which Nora calls Pia a WHORE! Man… I was pissed that the episode ended because I wanted to see Pia take Nora down for that one. Next episode, though, all the girls are in one place so I will definitely be tuned in to see Pia vs. Nora AND Renee vs. Nora (round 2).


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