The Saddest and Baddest of the "Bad Girls Club" (Seasons 4-6)

Well, as promised, I will continue with the Saddest and the Baddest women of the “Bad Girls Club” seasons 4-6. We are officially in countdown mode for the new season (season 9) that premieres Monday, July 9th at 10pm on Oxygen. Here we go:

Season 4:


Kendra. She definitely gets the top spot for the saddest bad girl of season 4. It always seemed that she had something to prove to the other girls but never had any ammo. Oh, and we can’t forgot how she followed Natalie like a puppy. Kate almost got the “saddest” title but Kendra’s pathetic-ness far surpassed Kate’s.    


Easily, Portia. I know everyone was expecting Natalie to be deemed the baddest but here at Da Boss Is Speakin, the loudest does not always mean the baddest. Portia was cool, calm, and collected and never felt the need to do anything extra for anyone else. Plus, when it came down to it, Portia handled business (specifically when she whooped Natalie’s a** for talking about her kids). 

Season 5: 


Kayleigh and Brandi. I tried my hardest not to give two girls one title but I did have a hard time figuring out who was sadder. Brandi got the saddest title for not being able to take ‘no’ for an answer after being rejected SO many times by cast mate Leah. Kayleigh also gets the title for being a puppy to another weak girl in the house, Kristen. It’s one thing to be weak but to be a follower to the weak? No. She did gain some points in the reunion for snatching Kristen up for things she said during the season, however, the damage was done and Kayleigh was too sad to redeem.


Leah, hands down. Leah was always on her own planet and you would get a rude awakening if you thought you could pull her away. The girls all subconsciously cared about what Leah thought and all tried to be cool with her. I mean it was not all in vain; when Leah did fight, it was not very pretty. Ask Kristen. I would have tried to stay on her good side too! 

Season 6: 


Nikki. The fact that I even have to write about her irritates me. Everything about this girl annoyed me in watching this show: her voice, her style, her existence, and HER VOICE! I would like to see a birth certificate to see if she was even eligible to be on the Bad GIRLS Club, if you know what I mean. The reason why she gets the title for saddest of season six is because she came into the show trying to take the leader position but it seemed too unnatural. Instead of being a leader, Nikki was annoying and pissed off everyone around her. Loudest doesn’t mean you are a leader either! 


Char. Trust me, no one hates Char than me, but for some reason this girl had the whole house wrapped around her pinky finger! I watched season 6 with my jaw to the ground because I was always so shocked with what the girls allowed Char to get away with. If Char didn’t feel like doing something, no one did it. I don’t like the b*tch, but I got to give it to her, she was the Baddest of season 6! 


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