Lauren London Joins Casts of "The Game"

It has been rumored and finally confirmed during the BET Awards this past Sunday that Lauren London will be joining the cast of “The Game” for season 6 and beyond. This move has been made after the network has chosen to let go of Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall.

Here is my commentary on this entire matter: What success does BET imagines that “The Game” will have after the Davis’ leave? I mean as I stated here, I always tuned in just to check up on the craziness that was Melanie and Derwin’s relationship! The producers or casting directors (whoever is in charge) has really been letting their fans down. To be completely honest, “The Game” has failed at trying to pacify the fact that Kelly left the show by adding Brandy but all that did was make the show awkward. I love[D] Brandy in the 90s but her and Jason would never make a good couple to me. I thought Selita Ebanks was Jason’s new love interest  but was sad to find out she was just a fling.

I really hope that casting for “The Game” did not take a look at Lauren London’s work on “Single Ladies” and decide that they just have to have her on the show! Don’t get me wrong: Lauren London is a great addition to “Single Ladies” and her acting skills fits right in with LisaRaye’s, who’s eyebrows seem to be doing the bankhead bounce every time she speaks (am I the only one who noticed?). Her acting also fits in with Romeo’s cameo on the show and the HORRID acting of  April’s stripper boyfriend.

I digress. I will TRY to give this show a [slim] chance and may tune into the first episode of the sixth season. Who knows? Maybe BET realizes that it needs to do major damage control and is working towards a massive redemption. What part will Lauren London play? No one knows as of yet but we do know it may be similar to Melanie Barnette-Davis’s and BET is searching for an actor to play her football boyfriend.


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