The Saddest and Baddest of the "Bad Girls Club" (Seasons 1-3)

In celebration for “Bad Girls Club” season 9 premiering this Monday, July 9 at 10pm on Oxygen, I have decided to compile a list of the Saddest and Baddest of seasons 1-8 of this amazing show. It is no secret that this show is one of my favorite, if not my favorite, shows on television. Every season there is always one girl who takes the top spot and one that falls lower than the rest of them and here is the Saddest and Baddest of the first 3 seasons:

Season 1: 


Kerry. She is the saddest of all the girls because she was over 50 years old! WHY are you over 50 and on this show? What did she have to do to get on this show because there are age limits, aren’t there? Ripsi would have definitely gotten to be the saddest after being kicked out on the second day but considering Kerry got her a** whooped by Ripsi on the very first night, Kerry definitely deserves the title for the saddest girl of Season 1.  


Leslie. Quite simply, Leslie was the realest girl on the show. She didn’t follow anybody and didn’t take anybody’s sh*t. Leslie did leave for a BS reason but I do believe that Leslie didn’t have stiff competition which may be the reason why Leslie was the baddest of season 1. 

Season 2: 


Neveen. There’s nothing that was ever appealing about Neveen to me. I know a lot of people were expecting me Cordelia to be the saddest of the seasons but Cordelia was a lost soul which was sad, but not the saddest. Neveen, however, was always the kettle calling the pot black. Leave it to Neveen to be the one casting stones in a glass house because she was always the one to judge someone and never took a good look at herself. Also, Neveen was a huge follower of Tanisha and a Boss never respects a follower.


Tanisha (like you have to ask). It may be cliche to say but Tanisha was the baddest of season 2 but only for the same reason Leslie was the baddest of her season: no competition. All of the other girls allowed Tanisha to do whatever and say whatever she wanted and couldn’t step to her. Tanisha was the baddest because she instilled a sense of fear throughout all of the other girls.  

Season 3: 


Amber B. There are so many reasons that Amber B. could be classified as the saddest of season 3 but I think the most apparent one is that Amber B. was so frigging BORING! I couldn’t remember anything great that she had done during the season except skip out when her season bestie was she getting her a** whooped by the rest of the cast members during this episode in Mexico. 


Although Kayla would be a great candidate for the top spot of the house, Tiffany definitely has to be the one to take the title of baddest of season 3. Kayla was unnecessarily rude and was just a constant [unnecessary] reminder that she was a fighter. Okay Kayla, we get it. Tiffany was the calm one who wasn’t afraid to snatch a b*tch up when she needed to. She was very likable, funny and real all at the same time. 


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