Recap: "Hollywood Exes" Episode 3

This week’s episode of “Hollywood Exes” failed to hold my attention a great deal. Is it me or does it seem like the problems that each one of these women have in their lifes are just not…interesting? I mean, watching one of the women change a flat tire might be a bit more interesting than what has been giving on the show. I really had high hopes for this show but they are really about to lose a viewer.

Let me try to stay awake to give you guys the recap: *Yawn* Andrea still is trying to find a dance studio for her to teach in. It seems like everytime I tuned in (after tuning out) Andrea was crying about not having a studio and wondering how she was going to get one… or how will she survive? Okay Andrea. We get it. You want and need a studio to work in… and then what happened? Is that all you have to offer to the show? I would also like Andrea to please explain to me how her being R. Kelly’s EX-wife is holding her back from anything, especially since no one knew she existed prior to this show…

The only other character worth mentioning is Jessica Canseco, not to say she did anything memorable. Jessica finally admits to herself (and her therapist) that she may just be still in love with Jose Canseco, which may be the root to her decision in letting him move in. Just as Jessica reaches this epiphany, Jose breaks the news to Jessica that he will not be moving in with her. Hmmm… I thought Jose wanted to move in with Jessica for the sake of his daughter? I wonder what has changed? Like I previously stated here, Jose just needed a place to live and apparently found one, so no longer needs the services of Jessica. I bet Jessica is wiping the egg off her face now!

Anywho, I really hope next week’s episode is a LOT more interesting than this week’s because this may be the very last Recap of  “Hollywood Exes” you guys may get from me! What did you guys think of this week’s episode?

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