"Self-Made 2" Review

I understand that, once again, I am tardy to the party but this time I have a good reason! I been sitting in my car bumping this album by MMG! Listen, I’ll be the first one to admit that I don’t regularly buy albums at all and just wait for the song to come on the radio but after hearing just one song on this album, not only did I know it was money well spent… I felt like I owed these boys money! Like they did me a favor making this album!

Rozay really did his THANG putting this group together (although I am still trying to figure out how Omarion fits in) and he makes me proud to say I am from MIAMI! There are many things so right about this album if there was anything wrong with it (which I cant find), it wouldn’t even matter. This album is filled with bass-pounding, head-bumping, hood-rich tracks that will have you grunting like Rozay everytime you hear them come on! I thought I found a favorite when I listened to “I Be Puttin On” but then that “So Sophisticated” came on and I was screaming ROZAYYYY!

These are some of the most talented rappers in the game right now and I loved watching this group being put together right before my eyes! Wale’s album was AMAZING, Meeks and Rozay have been putting out EXCEPTIONAL verses left and right; if you haven’t gotten this “Self-Made 2”, I have no idea what you waiting for!


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