Recap: "Mob Wives Chicago" Episode 4

FINALLY this show was able to get me to wipe the crust out my eyes and had me at the edge of my seat! You should know by now that I ALWAYS save the best for last so let’s work our way through the episode:

Nora has really inched her way to the bottom of my list in this episode. She has decided to unnecessarily burn her bridges with another one of her  friends for the stupidest reason. So far, her and Leah are at odds because she couldn’t apologize for dissing Leah at the Italian Fest. It was a stupid reason for Leah to be upset but all Nora had to do was apologize. Now, Nora and Renee are at it because in episode 3 Nora had thrown a memorial lunch for her late father and Renee was the last to arrive and first to leave. Normally, I would agree with Nora for being upset but Renee reveals in this episode that her daughter was sick and that Nora knew about that. Nora needs to understand that if a child needs tending to, that trumps everything else. Nora invites Renee to another lunch in which Nora uses [stupid] passive agressive techniques towards Renee but doesn’t upfront tell Renee how she feels. Translation: Nora is 12 years old.

My favorite character, Pia, doesn’t make as much of an appearance in this show as I would like but she was on enough to reveal that she is getting her boobs done (such a stripper). Also, like ADULTS, Pia and Christina make amends with each other after the lounge fight in episode 1.

Bothered by Nora’s childish passive aggressiveness, Renee leaves Nora a NASTY, Mel Gibson-esque voicemail message where names were called and demands for the return of property were made. A confrontation between the two erupts when Nora pays Renee a visit to return some items but the real fight doesn’t take place till the final minutes of the show.

Nora meets up with Renee for the final round during lunch and FINALLY opens up to Renee about how she felt about what was going on. Except, Renee had something else in mind… All hell broke loose when Renee throws her finger in Nora’s face which caused Nora to snap and punch Renee. Little did she know that Renee was ready to prove that she is not the b*tch to play with and chases Nora across the restaurant, does a classic hair pull, and DROPS Nora to the ground. And just like that Renee catapults herself to being my second favorite character on the show.

This is the realest I’ve ever seen Renee and I was utterly surprised when Renee hopped across the table to snatch Nora up! I can’t believe I am saying this but I am excited for next week’s episode!

(photo courtesy: Vh1)

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