Recap: "Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta" Episode 3

One word: LAWWWWD! This show is really something else! Tonight’s episode has really brought out a side of me that I am not proud of but boy, do I love this guilty pleasure of mine. The episode opens up where episode 2 left off with Joceline informing Stevie J that he is the father of her child. The conversation, then, continues with Stevie J proving to viewers that he is nothing more than SCUM. He feels he has a power over Joseline because he gave the stripper a chance off of the pole and has no problem reminding her of that. A LOT.

Mona Scott-Young, “Love and Hip-Hop” producer, does a fine job of including the rest of the casts struggles and daily life within the show but knows that Joseline is where the drama… I mean money… is at and always saves the best for last. Before we get to that, Karlie Redd makes her [unwanted] appearance on the show tonight. Honestly, I never really liked Karlie Redd, but the fact that she decided to be the bearer of bad news the whole season and at the absolute wrong times, makes me just really want to knock her lights out! Let me simmer…

Now on to the money: Joseline vs. Mimi. Joseline bluntly tells Mimi that she is pregnant with her man and Mimi sits there and “listens.” This could only mean ONE thing: Mimi is not an Atlanta Native! I haven’t met a black girl (let alone an Atlanta native) who wouldn’t have snatched up Joseline for that bold a** mouth of hers! Quick question: did anyone catch that Stevie J let Mimi leave without saying a word but stayed to hash things out with Joseline and even got upset when she started to cry? I’m going with my original conclusion and say that Mimi is the side chick in this case because I have never seen a man put a side chick ahead of his main like this guy.

My conclusion on this episode: Stevie J is a P*SSY! He insinuates that Joseline get an abortion and continuously threatens to take her life away from her… N*gga you ain’t God. He lets another woman disrespect his woman for 15 years and the mother of his child and then THROWS A DRINK on a woman. P*SSY if I ever saw one…


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