On My Radar: Stasi Quinn

You all know her as Nastasia, the POWERHOUSE on season 7 of the “Bad Girls Club,” but this is not the reason this vixen has earned a spot on my radar. Stasi (Miss Stasi if ya nasty) has done all but faded away like the rest of the “Bad Girls Club” alum; from the fifty shades of BADD she rocks on her lips to her sassy lyrics, Stasi is sure to be one of the “Bad Girls” you’ll never forget.

Stasi is not like the rest of them. You won’t be able to find her on WorldStar Uncut (stop searching) and you won’t find her in you local strip club. She has two things that the others lacked: Talent and Self-esteem. Since leaving BGC7, Stasi has been on her grind: working on her lipstick line, clothing line and laying down tracks! Don’t be mistaken though: Stasi didn’t start rapping when BGC7 ended. She will be glad to tell you that she “Been Layin Tracks”.

I admit, I was sleep on her a bit, even though I’ve been a fan since episode 1 of BGC season 7 but Stasi cleared any doubts I (and others) had about her talent when she released her “Priceless” freestyle via YouTube. Upon checking out more of her YouTube videos, where she offers make-up tips along with her raw lyricism, I was only left with one question: WHERE CAN I GET MORE? I am not sleeping anymore and I DEFINITELY have my eye on this one!

Don’t believe me? Check her out here:

Want more, don’t you?

Twitter: @StasiQuinn and @SocialEliteInc
Youtube: StasiQ101

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