UPDATE: Trayvon Martin Case

By now, many of you guys have at LEAST heard about the Trayvon Martin case. The call for justice in this case can be heard across the nation but bringing down the murderer has been nothing less than arduous. I have searched across the internet to provide a great source for my readers to catch up on all the updates that have taken place in this case and have come across this one. I do suggest reading this before continuing on this post.

Friday was the second bond hearing for George Zimmerman which concluded without a decision. The first bond hearing for George Zimmerman was scheduled for April 20 and Zimmerman was granted release on bail, however, this right was quickly revoked after determining that Zimmerman and his wife had lied about their assets and money they received from the website he created asking for donations. Zimmerman and wife made it appear to the court that they were “penniless” and unable to pay for their bail and legal fees, when, in all actuality, the website Zimmerman had created had raked in over $190,000 in donations. The couple had transfered money between accounts in order to hide this money but the truth did come out in court.

We are now awaiting the decision regarding his bail which will be written from the judge on this case, Judge Lester. Updates coming soon.

Justice for Trayvon Martin!


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