BET Awards ’12: The Run Down

The BET Awards 2012 premiered last night and I would be lying if I said that this show was anything more than a disappointment. This is the 6th year the awards has been ran under the “supervision” of Debra Lee. For those of you who don’t know, Debra Lee is the President and CEO of the network and is responsible for the removal of BET’s uncensored and raunchy late night programming, “BET Uncut.”

To begin, I was originally skeptical of having Samuel L. Jackson as the host this year specifically because he had big shoes to fill after last year’s hilarious host, Kevin Hart. That being said, Samuel L. Jackson solidified my concerns and failed at being the host this year. As opposed to putting Jackson in something he is more comfortable with (such as presenting ONE award), they forced him to be more “hip” and “youthful” which he is not. He is the highest grossing actor in Hollywood but couldn’t act like he could host a show! His opening act with Spike Lee was HORRIBLE. Their words were mumbled and cannot be understood and, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Spike Lee was wearing a kilt!

There were some highlights that I will not ignore! The opening performance by 2 Chainz, Big Sean, and Pusha-T was FLAWLESS as they performed their parts in the single, “Mercy”. What about Kanye, you ask? Well, Kanye decided to debut a new POWERFUL single even rapping acapella for a while. Because this performance was too good to miss, I decided to embed the performance here:

Other great performances included the powerhouse group MMG and Nicki Minaj, however it has come to my attention that Nicki Minaj is becoming TOO reliant on her a** to help her performance, which is completely unnecessary to me because Nicki Minaj is incredibly talented. I rather her hear her words than see her butt; I know it’s there, we don’t have to keep checking it out Nicki!

Poor performances included Tyga and Chris Brown. Chris Brown is known for his out-of-the-world performances, however it seems that lately…all of his performances are the SAME! Big light show, stunt men, fast-paced dancing… I mean, I know Chris Brown is more diverse and talented than this.

I’m just going to graze over the fact that the person who controlled the censor button completely failed at blocking cuss words and even censored out large chunks of the programming that shouldn’t have been censored!

Greatest SUCCESS of the night: the Whitney Houston tribute! FINALLY, BET was able to accomplish a beautiful and proper tribute to the great Whitney Houston. The tribute included performances from Monica, Brandy, Cissy Houston (or Momma Houston), and the (still) stunning Chaka Khan.

Overall, I give the awards show a 3 out of 5 stars. Truthfully, the reason the awards got ANY stars at all was due to the performances and the beautiful tribute… Many artists were robbed of their awards by other [sub-par] artists and the host was a flop. BET better bring it next year or else…

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