SHOCKER ALERT (not really): Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are Divorcing!

Now raise your hands if you actually believed that this marriage would actually last? It’s okay to be embarrassed, you should be. This past Saturday, news broke out that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were getting divorced after five years of marriage. I would just like to point out that I saw this coming ever since Tom Cruise decided to embarrass himself on Oprah’s couch.

PUBLICITY STUNT? Definitely if you ask me, and not a very good one either. Everything about this couple seemed so staged (refer to picture above). Their relationship was able to pull millions of hits on search engines from the first pounce on Oprah’s couch, to the birth of their daughter Suri. However, this “relationship” seemed to only be helping 1/2 of the members in it. Tom Cruise’s career, despite him being the [much] older one of the two, has continued to boom. Cruise ‘s most recent film, Rock of Ages, just premiered within the last month and then fans get this news.

Hopefully, Katie Holmes can resurrect her career because as it stands now, she is just Tom Cruise’s wife. Her last big movie was Mad Money which premiered in 2008! It is Katie who decided to pull the plug on this “marriage”; could it be that she was tired of living in her husband’s shadow? Whatever the case may be, this marriage did NOT have a chance in hell especially since the Nicole Kidman/ Tom Cruise marriage didn’t last.

Let’s Talk Business! Katie Holmes is only worth about 10% of what Tom Cruise is worth and considering she is worth about $25 million, Tom Cruise won’t be suffering too much post-divorce. Now there is a prenup which states that Katie Holmes receives $3 million dollars each year she is married to Tom Cruise (profit from marriage: $15 million dollars). Between the $15 million she will receive, the $35 million dollar mansion which she may get, and the child support checks she will be getting for little Suri, Katie Holmes will be able to bounce back from this divorce pretty easily as well.

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