I’m Baaaaaaack! (With a treat!)

Everyone can call off their search parties… I am ALIVE! I know you guys have been searching for me and I am sorry that I haven’t posted since Thursday but I am back now and I’ve come with a little treat! I am human (and I have a life) so I’ve been out and about and tending to my scholarly duties but since I am back I have to fill you in with some more posts.

BUT! Before I continue on with my rants, time to give you my treat! New to my page is the “Feminine Fortuity” tab. MEN BEWARE: EXTREME LEVELS OF ESTROGEN! This page was created to assist the STRONG, INDEPENDENT and HARDWORKING women and is NOT for the weak-minded. If you women out there need that extra push to move forward (and ways to look cute while doing it) please go ahead and check out my sister blog, Feminine Fortuity.

Created by Nova Southeastern University pharmacy student Janet Simon, Feminine Fortuity is your one-stop shop for REINVENTION. So I am asking all my readers to check it out! It’s guaranteed to give ya what ya need!

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  1. You got me over 90 views. Thanks!!!!I can't wait to make more articles!!!! šŸ˜€

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