Have You Seen: Joceline Hernandez’s Scandalous Tape?

If you’ve been reading my posts on this blog, you will know that I have a slight obsession with this character, Joseline Hernandez. She made her debut on the hit reality show, “Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta” and has been the object of discussion ever since its premiere. Why is she causing so much buzz? It could be the fact that she is the mistress to music producer Stevie J, or it could be the great music she makes (lol)? Nope, none of those. Since her premiere, the twitter world has engaged in a huge debate: “What is that?” 
The question is referring to Joseline’s sex. Some say she is a man, [few] argue that it is a woman. Tired of all the talk, Joseline decided to take matters into her own hands and released a rather SCANDALOUS video of her “lady” parts. I decided to give you readers some time to get a hold of this video before blogging about it so that you can make your own opinion on it. For those you who haven’t seen the video, I refuse to post screenshots of that catastrophe or a link to it, so you may have to do some research! My conclusion? That girl was a man at SOME point in his life! I want to hear from my bloggers! Vote on the poll in the upper left hand side of this blog! 

OKAY! I’ll budge… Click here for the full video on WorldStarHipHop.com! Trust me, this video is NSFW and you must be 18 and older to view! 

(photo courtesy: Vh1.com)

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  1. Whatever I think shes a chic. She doesnt sound like a chick and yeah there are shots on the show where she does look manly but everybody aloud a bad shot. She has a nice body and that why people are mad. If she was but as ugly everybody would be mad at Stevie for cheating on his half decent looking baby mother with a ugly broad. They would be looking at the chick like she was a victim cause she ugly and takes what she can get. But because Joceline has a decent body haters are tight that she threatens the relationship of him and his baby mother (mind you) Its only happening because Stevie and his baby mother allow it in their relationship.SMH Stevie and his baby mother are PATHETIC for letting this go own in their lives with their baby. Joceline doesnt owe anyone. Her loyalty is not to MiMi, that was Stevie"s job. HATE THAT FOOL!

  2. The entire show is scripted and phoney ……get a grip losers.

  3. She is beautiful and misunderstood. She doesn't really know her worth, and there are a lot of psychological issues that she hides behind her beauty. Her body is strong looking because she really works out, and she might do that to hide some of the pain caused by her past and Stevie J's stupidity.

  4. If she is transexual, I think this perpetuates their persecution. Judging her doesn't make the world more humane. We are judging/reprimanding her in a similar way gays, Jews, and blacks have been for circling around what conventional and normal or accepted is. P.S. Plastic surgeons can do a hell of a job. If they can extract a tumor from the brain, I'm pretty sure they can make a couple of skin flaps and a hole for the hoe.

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