Drake vs. Chris Brown: Round 2

I’m going to have to start at the top with this one for those of you who don’t know what’s going on. Mid-June, a fight broke out at W.i.P. Lounge in New York between Chris Brown and Drake. Rumor has it that Chris Brown sent a bottle of champagne to Drake only to have it returned with a note reading “I’m still f*cking Rihanna.” A fight broke out between the two and a bottle and a punch was thrown injuring Chris Brown. Chris Brown injuries were uploaded to his twitter (above) but was later removed.

After the incident, #RihannasBox became a worldwide trending topic on twitter where tweeple tweeted about Rihanna’s lady parts and the barbaric things it causes men to do! The incident has also caused the state to revoke the nightclub’s liquor license which ultimately shut down the club… because what is a club without liquor?

As if this story could not be more drama-filled, Spurs point-guard Tony Parker is suing the nightclub for $20 million dollars due to a scratched cornea he received during the brawl.

WAIT! There’s more!! Drake and Chris Brown have been offered $1 million dollars each to settle their problems with the fool-proof method to problem solving: Boxing. Some rich kid has made this offer to fork over the money and another $1 million for charity if the two stars agree to fight. The fight would be on Aug. 25 and available via pay-per-view if the two agree to the fight.

I don’t think this fight will ever happen because it will be a dirty fight. Yea, it will be organized but should one of them win, the other’s entourage will take it upon themselves to perpetuate a beef bigger than this one. Can you imagine if Chris Brown knocks out Drake? What do you think Young Money would do? Exactly. The two should remove themselves and realize the true root of their problems: #RihannasBox.

Footnote: Why didn’t Chris Brown think to wipe his nose before taking pics at that angle? I’m just saying…. 

(Photo courtesy: Twitter.com)

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  1. So I've been hearing abt this thing going on about CB & drake . But honestly I think that if CB sent a bottle over to drake then wht the f*ck was the point of him sending it back & saying I'm still F*cking rihanna ! Everybody is drake…. so there is no need to make that known ! I love rihanna's music but DAMN keep them legs closed . We As Fans dnt wana hear a new story every week abt your sex life!!! IT Ain't Cute

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