Recap: "Hollywood Exes" Episode 1

For those of you who watch Vh1, for some reason, last night Vh1 premiered the first episode of “Hollywood Exes” instead of its original premiere date which is set for tomorrow night. Whatever. I did tune in, however, and it seems as though this show will not be my favorite show. It was relatively boring compared to the show it followed “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.”  Anyways, allow me to recap the episode:

The photo above is when Nicole Murphy (ex-wife of Eddie Murphy) accompanied Jessica Canseco (ex-wife of Jose Canseco) for her laser vagina rejuvenation appointment. Nicole Murphy was on the WRONG side of the table and was ALL up in there like she was looking for her keys. Gross. Andrea Kelly (ex-wife of R. Kelly) is definitely my favorite character because of her outgoingness and her humor! Two thumbs up! Also, the fact that she has HER OWN dance company is definitely a plus because I am all for the “independent woman.”

Jose Canseco’s bum a** found a way to finagle his way on the screen and had his hand out the whole time. This fool managed to get on camera and asks his ex-wife to move in together. The terms of this STUPID agreement is that they move-in together for the sake of their 15 year old daughter but see other people. Wait a minute: he didn’t care enough to keep his family together for the “sake” of their daughter over a decade ago when he first divorced Jessica Canseco but now that she is old enough to come to terms with the divorce he is the “concerned dad?” Also, how does being in the same house and seeing other people help the daughter out? Wouldn’t that hurt her more seeing her parents with other people? Well, Jose tells Jessica that she should be the person paying for their shared house which ultimately reveals his motive: he is trying to FREELOAD off his ex-wife. How low can you get? Once the highest paid athlete in the MLB, Jose Canseco is asking for scraps from his ex-wife and the loser tries to cover it up by saying it would help their daughter and Jessica Canseco was not having it!

Moving on: I was really hoping Sheree was a lot more exciting than she was on the show but in the season preview, it does seem that she turns it up! Matye Garcia… poor girl. The divorce was 17 years ago and she is still hung up on Prince. Get over it.

Anyways to sum up, show was pretty boring but the season preview does seem promising. Like always, I will be tuned in each week because I am a “Reality TV Junkie.”


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