"The Amazing Spiderman": Reboot?

So. There’s going to be another Spider-Man movie coming out and I only have one question in mind: why? I did my research and found out that this spider-man, The Amazing Spider-Man, is a reboot in which all the previous movies technically never happened, and this movie is new ideas and a new plot. Basically, the producers and writers of this movie got together and came up with this STUPID plan to make a movie about the same character but different plot in order to make money off of us consumers.

I can guarantee one thing: I will NOT be seeing this movie when it comes out. It looks really stupid, and although I love Emma Stone, she is the only SOMEBODY in this movie, which is not enough motivation to get me to watch this movie. This movie is a “straight-to-DVD” movie that had a big enough budget to send to the theaters. I highly doubt that it will have much success, however if it does, I won’t eat my words; it will only confirm that consumers… are idiots.

(Photo courtesy: Columbia Pictures)


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