Recap: "Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta" Episode 2


*Checks Pulse.* Ok, let me talk about the stupid sh*t first and then I will get into the more interesting parts which, of course, revolves around Josh-line or as Charlamagne the God likes to put it, “Rihanna-man.” The episode begins with Rasheeda which I forgot to mention in the first post and I have taken a real liking to Rasheeda! It really is great to see her have a functioning relationship with her husband and I think she’s refreshing. That being said, I don’t deny that Rasheeda has talent, I just think her talent is questionable for the sole fact that she doesn’t have the right people backing her. 
NEXT! Stevie J was straight up LYING to Mimi when he said that he didn’t f*ck Joseline. He’s not even good at it! But Mimi REALLY gained a LOT of respect from me when she made her demands known with Stevie J. My dawg came strapped with her contract DEMANDING 20%… if he’s going to cheat hit him where it hurts: wallet! Smartest thing Mimi could have done (even though 20% of nothing is nothing) but I still think she is dumb for continuing to put up with Stevie J. 
Now, as usual, I’m not going to talk about anybody’s mom so I’m not going to mention the disaster that sat on top of Erica’s mother head or mention the fact that her mother’s name is MINGNON. I refuse to do it. But Erica still remains one of my favorite character on the show. 
NOW! On to my favorite b*tch on the show! I know now that Joseline will be the star of the show. This whole episode was around Joseline, rightfully, because this girl/boy is WILD! Ok, let’s recap. Joseline had the NERVE to confront Karlie Redd about going behind her back and talking to Mimi about working with Stevie J. WTF?! I have never seen a side-chick have so many demands and feel so entitled! She told Karlie this episode that she doesn’t want Stevie J, yet last episode she said she wanted Stevie J forever because he f*cked her and she gave him brain… wait….”He f*cked my brain” was what she said. 
Joseline has got to be the most shameless character on television right now! She KNEW that Stevie J had a girl and had the nerve to be the other woman AND go on national television and announce that she is pregnant by him. I loved that Stevie J told her in not so many words that she needs to get an abortion because that’s what that scut deserves. Joseline was sitting there looking confused as if her dirty a** has never gotten pregnant before. 
In next week’s episode, Joseline tells Mimi that she is pregnant with her man which I HOPE results in an INSTANTANEOUS a**-whooping for Joseline because somebody need to whoop that ni**a a**!

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