Is Rihanna really a HOE?

Before I continue, I am a big fan of Rihanna’s MUSIC. How she chooses to market her music, I am not a fan of, however. When Rihanna first came out, she was marketed as a bubbly Caribbean princess… I knew that wouldn’t last because people don’t buy bubbly, they buy sex. Next, when “Good Girl Gone Bad” came out, Rihanna showed her grown and sexy side and I fell in love. To date, “Good Girl Gone Bad” is my favorite album from Rihanna, hands down. Now, it seems like trying to get Rihanna to keep her clothes on is a bigger mission than anything. 
It’s been a downward, naked spiral for Rihanna ever since “the incident.” Chris Brown might have beat the conservative out of Rihanna because ever since then, Rihanna has been the Lil Kim of R&B and Pop as far as her raunchiness. She gets into arguments with fans on Twitter, posts provocative pics, middle fingers here, “I don’t give a fuck”‘s there. I mean what happened?! 
I am not stupid when it comes to this whole Rihanna situation. Let’s reflect: She got her a**-whooped right? Ok, after that, we heard NOTHING from Rihanna for months until she coincidentally decided to come out and speak to the media about her a**-whooping right before her next album dropped. Along the way Rihanna and Chris Brown have been sending not-so-subtle messages to each other in their music. Rihanna released “Rude Boy”, Chris Brown answered with “Deuces”. Rihanna had “Love the Way You Lie (Part II),” “Man Down” and “We Found Love” all songs that are clearly targeted towards Chris Brown. Chris Brown had “Look At Me Now,” and “She Ain’t You”.
If you are still not convince about this couple’s subliminal  supraliminal messages to each other, allow me to refer to “Birthday Cake” by Rihanna Feat. Chris Brown. Rihanna sings “remember how ya hit it, remember how ya did it.” UH! B*tch DO YOUUUU remember how he hit it or did you forget? TMZ and LAPD has some pictures that will refresh your memory. 
That is neither here nor there. To answer the original question: Is Rihanna really a hoe? If she isn’t, her actions are really suggesting otherwise. She has been linked to more celebrities than Superhead and not saying that all rumors are true but all rumors usually have SOME piece of truth to them, I’m just saying. I love her music but her behavior and mouth onstage and on Twitter really makes me cringe because this is not the Rihanna I fell in love with. 
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