Recap: "Mob Wives Chicago" Episode 3

Well Episode 3 of Mob DAUGHTERS Chicago premiered tonight and it just solidified what I said about all these pathetic women in my previous Mob Wives Chicago post (see post here). 

I’d like to start with the show’s pet pitbull: Leah. I mean what the hell is she talking about? Like what language is she speaking. Is that Italian? Is she trying to prove her Italian-ness? She reminds me of a broke-down Renee Graziano except for the fact that Renee is actually a BOSS! Leah has a lot to prove CLEARLY to the world. She feels the need to prove she’s a thug and she feels the need to prove that she knows Italian (or whatever that language she keeps throwing out UNNECESSARILY). She SHOULD feel the need to prove that she was born a woman, because that is up for discussion. 
I have taken a serious liking to Pia. She is the best actor the show has provided us with and she really does seem like an honest and down-to-earth… stripper. For some reason, strippers usually are down-to-earth. But with trying to make a mends with Renee, it was really big of her… poor thing needs to just whoop the STANK out of Renee and leave that cause alone.  Renee is one of the FAKEST broads on television right now and needs to go choke on something. How dare she play so innocent in front of Pia at her business? If you don’t like her, ask her kindly to leave! That’s what someone REAL does. AND that comment about Pia running just like her father did? I would snatched her up so quick! But I digress.

Every scene of this show is SOME kind of confrontation or drama between the characters. There are NO fun times. This show is beginning to be a drag in my life. The final confrontation of the night was too friggin hilarious to me. First off, Leah’s make-up looks like she lost a fight to a makeup palette. Then, Leah was doing all this talk about how she’s going to do this and going to do that, but was so sweet when she was in front of Pia and Christine. Next, Leah feels the need to confront Nora for not dancing with her at some festival or something like that? Uh, what are you old a** women doing at music festivals or whatever? Shouldn’t you be at a wine-tasting or something? And when Nora said she doesn’t dance with people she doesn’t know, WHY did Leah get mad? Leah is the most lost and needs to get a life. She’s just sad like Renee except Renee is just a bitter b*tch!

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