"Bad Girls Club" Season 9 Premieres SOON!

Words cannot describe my absolute OBSESSION with the “Bad Girls Club.” This show is television GOLD and whether it is to criticize or idolize, everyone tunes in to watch 7 girls make a complete A** of themselves! They are like the Lebron of television… minus the “a**” part. Anyways, these girls are so relatable to me because they never fail in providing me with the three things I love the most: drinks, fights, repeat. 
This season the girls head to Mexico which leads me to wonder: when shows move their character’s to a new country… how do they deal with the language barrier? The people at Oxygen seemed to address this problem by casting a majority of girls who look predominantly hispanic. I’m not complaining, I love diversity… plus we had a predominantly black cast last season. 
But enough about race. People complain about the fact that every season, girls come on the show with something to prove, who is the baddest b*tch on the show. I don’t mind it though. It’s what the show is all about! Let these girls beat the sh*t out of each other for the top spot; that’s what I call good television! I have no insider information however I have heard some rumors:

The new cast of “Love Games” season four being Amy, Danielle, and Camilla, all from season 8 of the “Bad Girls Club”. 

Season 9 of “Daddy Issues”  “Bad Girls Club” premieres July 9th on Oxygen and I am ready for what these girls have to offer. 
DISCLAIMER: I am fully aware the minimum age to be on the “Bad Girls Club” is 21, however there are more requirements other than age to be a “woman,” therefore, I absolutely REFUSE to ever call cast members of this show “women.” They are girls. 

(photo courtesy: Oxygen.com) 

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