The "Future" of "The Game"

Black Television’s favorite couple will not be returning for another season of “The Game.” A while back Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall both announced that they were not returning for season six, however, Pooch Hall has made it clear that he DOES want to return. 
Now I know what you are thinking and it is the same thing EVERYONE ELSE is thinking: WHAT THE F*CK? I personally tune in to “The Game” (with the exception of Season 5) to watch the antics of Melanie and Derwin. I could care less about the chicken wing truck, Brandy and Coby Bell’s AWKWARD romance or Tasha’s mid-life romance crisis. 
Let’s take a stroll down memory lane: Remember the days when “The Game” was… dare I say it… funny? When you waited for [then] Friday nights for the new episodes to premiere. CW was a better network for the series and I think it was a much better show when it was on the network. With its transition to BET, I feel that the writers and producers were aiming it to be a comedic soap opera. Someone tell them to stop. 
Now what the hell are they going to do without Melanie and Derwin? Hopefully cancel it. What a disappointment to the fans! I was one of the fans petitioning for the show to be placed on the air because I personally felt CHEATED when the series got cancelled after the marriage and birth of Derwin Jr. Now the back and forth about “she quit, he quit” or “she got fired, he got fired,” is irrelevant, I just believe that when the new season hits the waves (who knows when), BET will feel the brunt of the decision, of either the network or the actors, to not return for the sixth season.  

(photo courtesy: BET)


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