The Slow, but Definite, Death of "Single Ladies"

Is anyone as bored of Single Ladies this season as I am? I mean, I have been watching the fourth episode, and this whole time I am thinking… DAMN, LisaRaye has a big forehead with that hairstyle. The show has decided to take the same route the show “The Game” has and has filled the episodes with unnecessary and over-the-top DRAMA which is causing a slow, but imminent death. Sometime people just want an episode following the lives of their characters… but when their lives are as drama-filled as Precious’, it becomes boring and redundant.

I’m tired of seeing Keisha and her bald-headed boyfriend of hers go through their back and forth power struggles… the last time I’ve seen them happy was the second episode of the first season. I was excited to see that Val had gone because while she is still BEAUTIFUL, her voice was getting to me. Shelley… well I was done with Shelley after the scene where she busted out her overused toy. The new girl… Well I don’t even know her name and I’ve watched all the episodes with her in it. Like “The Game,” which I will address in a later post, people are starting to tune out the words and just watch the characters, comment on what they are wearing instead.

The first season came out with a promising future for Vh1’s first scripted series (I think it’s the first), however the second season has left me to demand: NEXT!

(photo courtesy: Vh1)

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