On My Radar: Iggy Azalea


I say the former. She came on the scene banging with her raunchy lyrics and voluptuous hips and earned her a spot next to the hip-hop heavyweight T.I. 
But is she really worth the time? Considering that she is only 22 years young and has one of the leading names in hip-hop behind her, I say yes. But that’s not all that it takes. Iggy Azalea is taking more of a paced approach to the hip-hop game making her name known before releasing much music. With her album due to drop… sometime this year, I’m sure she will be making a heads turn and haters talk. 
Now more importantly: how I feel about her. When she first came out, to be honest, I loved her! Iggy Azalea  has a new refreshing feel to her and her swag is definitely unforgettable. The first song I heard was, of course, her song “Pu$$y” where she shows her daring side to rap about her…anatomy. Many will try to compare her to the one other rap female in the game (well the only other one that is worth mentioning). My view on that: Iggy Azalea is fulfilling an appetite that Nicki Minaj has once filled for me, before turning to the pop charts (still a big Nicki fan). 
Now, Iggy Azalea has us all waiting on the edge of our seats for her to drop some more music… which I suggest she does soon before the impression that she has made on us is soon forgotten. Also, with her signing a deal with Wilhemina Models, she will soon be a household name!

(courtesy: http://www.highsnobette.com

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