Mob DAUGHTERS of Chicago


For those of you who have better things to do with your time than to waste it, don’t know who these women are. These women here are the cast to a show which is being used to recreate an EPIC show in a different city. This is the cast of Mob Wives Chicago. 
This show has been one of the more terrible decisions made by the VH1 network and should not be on air anymore. I don’t understand how this is even still on-air… even if it has only been 2 episodes. Or 3. Who cares? This show follows 5 women who are CLEARLY acting (horribly, might I add) and “associated” with the mob. First problem that I have with this show is… it’s called Mob WIVES… yet none of these women were actually married to anyone in the mob… their mother’s or aunt’s were… but not them. None of these women have any mob problems, and they are perpetuating problems of the past and trying to make them relevant now. For example, the only person who POSSIBLY has an argument that she has “mob problems” is Nora who is looking for her late father who was a mobster. Not going to say anything negative about her father, of course, but how long have you been searching for him and been given the run around? Nobody wants to watch that. The other four women are just extras. 
We have Renee, who DEFINITELY won’t be getting an Oscar next year, who is just absolutely over-the-top and I feel bad for her daughter who gets pulled into the horrible acting with her mom. Did anyone see Renee crying in episode 2? First off, ew. Secondly, what?! She was smiling while she was crying about the custody of her daughter! Or was that just her crying face? Either way, it scared the sh*t out of me and I was forced to changed the channel. 
This show overall is horrible, the acting is bad, nobody was a wife to anyone in the mob, its boring, and a waste of money for VH1. That being said, “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” is occupying my time while I’m waiting on a new season of the Original Mob Wives to come… that’s coming out right?!
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