Recap: "Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta" Episode 1

“Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta” has premiered this week and I, honestly, have not seen a bunch of misfits like this before. It is like a post-partum Bad Girls Club. But before moving on to everything that is wrong with this show (because there is just so many), let me begin with the good:

Lil Scrappy’s girlfriend ERICA: LOVE HER! She seems like such a down to earth girl. Don’t get me wrong, she does have that hood Atlanta accent, but she seems like she is at least a functional women who has her -ish together. Mimi…. from the beginning of the episode, I was rocking with her but… uh… I’ll cover that later. K. Michelle is someone I would love to have on my team; she seems sweet but would be the girl to rip some weave out if I needed her too. Mimi friend…___________, don’t even know her name… I like her but I’m gonna need her to turn off the bore and give me some more. 

Now on to the bad: Lil Scrappy’s mother. Now naturally, I would never go off on anyone’s mother but with her the only thing I was thinking was… “WHAT?!” First off, that “in that order” phrase she kept kicking never made NO sense because she was never listing anything. Second, it was absolutely tasteless to go off on Diamond on national TV the way that she did. I mean… we all know what Diamond is… you saying it just makes you look bad. Now with Momma Scrappy admitting that she didn’t take her medicine…I understood why she was so off the wall, but I’m gonna need her to take that medicine for episode 2. Thank You. 

KARLIE REDD WACKKKKK! She was so wack to me in everything she said. She’s a beautiful woman, great butt implants (yeah I said it), but who the hell goes into a party and hypes up another chick? “Joseline is so real!”, b*tch sit down. 

JOSH-LINE! Naw, I’ll take that back. Listen, when she first came up, I was like wow! She baddd! She has a pretty face, banging body… but then she spoke. Instantly thought it was a man. I couldn’t help it! She spoke like she had an Adam’s apple. But her…. everybody keep sleeping on her, I’m not going to underestimate Joshline…I mean Joseline. I don’t think she’s talented; that’s not what I’m saying (at all). I just think that people think she is going to die out throughout the season due to her manliness, but I am sure she is going to bring it…. 

Now back to my girl MIMI: I felt for her. I really did. Once they got to K. Michelle party, I realized that this GIRL is just all bark. Typical “but I love him” scenario, where he has given her a taste of the good life and now that she realize that she won’t have anything if Stevie J leaves her (and he realized it too), she is willing to take the emotional beatings Stevie J is willing to give her. 
Conclusion: K. Michelle is going to have a hell of a fight before getting that career on track. Erica is too nice and what happened with her and Scrappy may happen again if she don’t tighten up. Momma Scrappy need to get take her meds, get some rest, and get herself together… “in that order.” Karlie Redd needs to just take her seat with her irrelevant, implanted a**. Joseline need to make some confessions because he isn’t fooling nobody. And Mimi needs to come to the realization that she’s the side chick because I have never seen a man leave his main chick to go home with the side… in front of her. 
See you guys for episode 2!

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